REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE #1 // 29.09.2012

Rebel Without A Cause is the manifestation of a fabulous musical and cultural concept. It will aim to blend and bridge the gaps between visual art, classical, acoustic and electronic sounds to create an aesthetically disorienting but at the same time harmonious experience. A vanguard of artists on many stages will perform while an interactive visual installation will take place. Come with an open heart and dare to experience something different.

Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson electronic Live Set feat. Kelvin Sholar

A musical collective known around the world for combining jazz and dance music with an unparalleled musical understanding.

Camerata Obscura

A free association of musicians from the JBE under the direction of Tobias Haußig. They will be accompanied by multi-talented NHOAH (co-founder of RED rec., Head v. TANGO FACTORY and producer of MIA.) Their totally free, unbound sound is open to interpretation. And if their performance is anything like it was on the Bachstelzen floor (Fusion 2012) we can be sure to surrender to their interesting and entrancing improvisations once again.


A trio of musicians from Kreuzberg, including an acoustic guitar, an accordion, a double bass and a loop machine will combine traditional folk elements with musical influences from all possible sectors to create an incredibly unique musical and dance experience.


As the Founder of Meander and Releases on Haunt Music and Vakant DeWalta is well known for his highclass productions caused by a long process of accumulating knowledge about music and instruments. But also his notorious DJ sets are always a pleasure to listen to and we are glad to have him with us in the project.

Also playing, of course, are the wonderful Symbionts:

Geschwister Schumann *live
Fuchsberg *live
Funkenstrøm *live
Peter & Pan *live
Georg Wedel
Kate Miller
Gitte Verfuehrt
Foehn & Jerome
Grube & Libre
The Second Mood

And for supporting this project, we thank:

Tape Over
Format Ce
Ritter Butzke

Wir bedanken uns bei alle Freunden, Live-Painting-Künstlern, Tänzern, Video-Künstlern, Tape-Künstlern, Musikern, Feuer-Künstlern, Live-Performern, Grafikdesignern und allen lieben Personen, die diese schwarz-weisse Veranstaltung mit Farbe gefüllt haben. Vor allem fühlen wir uns geehrt, dass ihr uns in diesem neuen Projekt mit euren Ideen unterstützt habt und freuen uns auf die nächsten rebellischen Momente mit euch.

Die Symbionten

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