In many places we feel overloaded – even weary about the multicolored, supposed aesthetic or fairytale concepts, that tempts you to fantastic universes without rules of reality. Free fall down to everything-is-possible-wonderland music-and-club-culture.

No question – we love wonderlands and fairytales. But a confusing and overstraining invitation makes us ending up tired and without orientation. This overall cutyness generates a lot of missunderstanding, strange contrasts and even walls at the edge of human emotions, perspectives and behaviors. Without any cause we feel a kind of ANTI and REBELL growing inside.

We – the symbionts – have figured out a creation of exploring this issue. We feel, that we need to break out.
Wherever we have to go, however this will look like, we are willing to find out. So we are creating this event in a kind of dualistic format to build a bridge between rigidity and openness, between transmitter and receiver, between incompatibility and appeasement.

Rebel Without A Cause is the manifestation of a fabulous musical and cultural concept. It will aim to blend and bridge the gaps between visual art, classical, acoustic and electronic sounds to create an aesthetically disorienting but at the same time harmonious experience. A vanguard of artists on many stages will perform while an interactive visual installation will take place. Come with an open heart and dare to experience something different.

We´re are looking forward to new boarders to cross and experiences to make with you!
Lovely, die symbionten